We are leading technology and wireless specialist. We’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management and managed services allowing us to constantly evolve and innovate.

About Us

FMK, a Women Minority Owned company, supports the continual expansion and technological advancements of the global telecommunications infrastructure. We execute turn key EF&I (Engineer, Furnish, Install) projects centered on years of industry knowledge matched with agility to adapt to each project's unique need. FMK has a proven track record of success and thrives on empowering all the teams we engage. We are preferred vendors for Nokia, Ericsson, DISH Network, Crown Castle, and American Towers performing quality, civil, implementation and IT Infrastructure work throughout the nation.

Maintenance Services

FMK offers maintenance and optimization services developed to bring new towers online, upgrade towers, deploy new technology, and to keep networks running at peak performance. Our maintenance programs are designed to improve service quality, reduce operational costs. We are able to eliminate unnecessary expenses by protecting and optimizing the existing network infrastructure.
Network assessment

Survey & audit the network


Carry out supplier and client action plan

Decommissioning Removal of Retired Assets

Removal, tagging and return of retired assets

Strong analytics and reporting

Consolidated and concise reporting that matches the needs of all levels of delivery and management.

Project Management Services

It takes a team to upgrade a network and a team lead by strong, well organized and dynamic individuals. We focus on continually refining our processes and our personnel to ensure we have the most effective team to complete a project.

Vetting for personnel excellency

We have a hands-on approach to procurement. We focus on certified project managers and construction managers who possess expertise in local market standards.

Build a Schedule Efficiency

Our site acquisition process is streamlined to allow a build crew to receive a site, build it and get it on air within projected timelines.

Strong analytics and reporting

Consolidated and concise reporting that matches the needs of all levels of delivery and management.

Project Staffing Services

Capture Project Requirements. FMK consults all project stakeholders to identify specific project needs

Screen database of candidates FMK has a preexisting, and continuously growing data base of qualified talent

Deploy qualified contractors. FMK coordinates with project leads per market to deploy qualified talent.

Manage / Payroll contractors. FMK manages their candidates according to project needs and handles all expense and payroll

Managed Services


Nokia: UMTS, 4GLTE, 5G SG
Flexi - L600/L700, RRU, COVP, MIMO, Airframe, DC
Power Upgrades.
Ericsson: UMTS, 4GLTE 5G Parent-Child Package - RBS6601, SAU, CRAN, PDU
Power Upgrade


Bench marking
Capacity Management
Data Service Quality Improvement
Performance Monitoring


Sweep/ PIM - Coax, Waveguide, and Fiber / FDR, TDR, & OTDR

Project Management

Assessments and analysis
Resource allocation
Budget sourcing
Project requirements
Documentation management
Timely status updates
Through implementation and execution

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